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Entire synthesizer voice that is based on modal synthesis, an under-appreciated form of physical modeling. It combines an exciter synthesis section for raw and noise sounds with the characterisstics of a bowed, blown or struck instrument with a modal filter bank consisting of 64 tuned band pass filters that simulates the behaviour of resonant structures. Alternatively you can process exteral signals through the filter bank. Brightness and damping can be adjusted and a stereo reverb adds room to the sound.


Elements contains three generators that produce a sound when excited:

  • bowed instrument: particle-like scratching noise with 2-pole low-pass filter and envelope.
  • blowed instrument: granular pitched noise with wavetable-like scanning between various tone colors. Has an envelope.
  • Percussive impulse generator: interpolates through a collection of impulsive excitations – including sampled sticks, brushes and hammers, and models of damped mallets, plectrums, or bouncy particles. 2-pole low-pass filter and pitch control.

The modal resonator consists of 64 state-variable band pass filers and has coarse and fine frequency and FM controls.
"Geometry" interpolates through a collection of structures, including plates, strings, tubes, bowls. "Brightness" specifies the character of the material the resonating structure is made of – from wood to glass, from nylon to steel. "Damping" adds damping to the sound – simulates a “wet” material or the muting of the vibrations. "Position" specifies at which point the structure is excited. "space" creates an increasingly rich stereo output by capturing the sound at two different points of the structure, and then adds more space through algorithmic reverberation.

The sound is played when receiving a trigger or when pressign the paly button
Alternatively you can process external audio signals with the resonator.


1V/octave and FM input, Gate input, Strength input, two external inputs, audio outputs L+R.
CV inputs with bipolar attenuatros for timbres of Bow, Blow and Strike, Flow, Mallet, Damping, Geometry, Position, Brightness and Space


3U Eurorack module, 34HP wide, 25mm deep
power consumption: 130mA @ +12V and 10mA @ -12V

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