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Once again Mutable Instruments unites three functions blocks, each with various functions, in a small, only four HP wide module: A signal processor with inversion and two types of rectifiers, a logic section which can be used as a minimum/maximum generator and finally a sample&hold with accessible white noise generator.



In the SIGN section the input signal is processed in htree different ways:

  • The precision signal inverter changes the inputs' phase by 180°
  • The half-wave rectifier clips the negative signal parts/negative half wave to zero.
  • The full-wave rectifier inverts the negative half wave.

The center section LOGIC not only mixes logic signals like clock and gate (like a digital logic module would do) but it can also combine analog signals and it outputs the minimum or maximum. Suitable not only for control voltages but for VCO signals as well.

At the very bottom, in the S&H section there is a classic sample & hold circuitry. This one has it's own noise generator which is pre-patched the the S&H and is a los available at an individual output.


SIGN section: input, inverter output, half wave rectifier output, full wave rectifier output
LOGIC section: inputs A+B, maximum output, minimum output
S&H section: input, trigger input, noise output, S&H output


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, <20mm deep

current draw: 25mA @ +12V and 25mA @ -12V

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