Mutable Instruments - Peaks


Two channel general purpose module for processing trigger signals. In simple words: inject a trigger or a gate and create envelopes, synchronized LFOs, a tap-tempo LFO or deum sounds. Three modes allow for different use of the controls.
In a not-so-secret mode you can use four alternative functions.



The Peaks has four main functions:
1: envelope generator: a trigger or a gate starts or holds the envelope.
2: LFO. A trigger or gate resets the LFO.
3: LFO with intelligent tap-tempo function memorizing irregularities. e.g if you synchronize the LFO to a shuffled clock with irregular trigger sequences the Peaks will match the perdiods of the oscillations!
4: Drum generator. A trigger will play a drum sound.
A gate or a trigger at the inputs or hitting the trig-button will fire one of four functions hat are the same for both channels. Only exception is the drum synth, where channel 1 plays a bass drum and channel 2 a snare.

Split mode synchronizes both channels: when the LED is all parameters of both channels will be controlled by the same set of potentiometers. That is okay for duophonic patches where you can uns two identical envelopes for instance. In LFO modes the outputs are phase shifted.
When the LED is lit we are in split mode. The upper two potentiometers control the essentail parameters of channel one and the bottom two pots control channel two. Other parameters remain in a "neutral" state.
Press the split button for a second and enter expert mode allowing you to switch between both channels and to set each channel's parameter individually.
In the operation manual you will find assignment of parameters for each mode.

There's an easter egg mode with four alternative functions: envelope-based mini step sequencer, trigger delay with trigger repeats, a random generator for trigger output and a digital drum synth.


Trigger inputs 1 and 2
Outputs 1 and 2


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide
Current draw 60mA @ +12V and 2mA @ -12V

0.126 kg
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