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Analog, resonant and voltage controllable multi mode filter with four outputs, one of them with an integrated VCA. Mutable Instruments call the filter as "liquid filter" and that describes the sound pretty well.



Mutltimode filter with a 4-pole lowpass, a 2-pole lowpass and a 2-pole bandpass, all available simultaneously at individual outputs. Additionally there's a 4-pole low pass output with an integtrated VCA (GAIN input and LP>VCA output) that makes creating a compact subtractive voice very easy.
Self-oscillation is available for all modes and produces a clean sine-wave on the LP4 output. Unlike many classic 4-pole designs, this filter does not suffer from "loudness drop" when resonance is increased. The resonance loudness compensation circuit brings a slight tone coloration reminiscent of the Roland SH/Jupiter filters, with a very round and "liquid" resonance.

There are two CV inputs for the cutoff frequency - one with fixed 1V/octave and one (FM input) with polarizer. The resonance is voltage controllable as well.


One audio input. Four filter oututs: BP2, LP2, LP4, LP4>VCA
CV inputs: VCA-gain, resonance, cutoff 1V/octave (FREQ) and variable (FM)


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 26mm deep
current draw: 35mA at +12V and 35mA at -12V

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