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Streams contains two identical channels for dynamic processing of audio- and CV signals. Int4ernally it consists of an analog VCA, follwed by an analog VCF which both are controlled by a digital CV generator. This one emulates the behaviour of an AD envelope, of a Vactrol, an envelope follower or the of a compressor.



Each channel has a shape regler, determining the behavoiur of each mode. The MOD potentiometer sets the modulation amount. Level-Mod is the attenuator for the level Cv input. The VCA's characteristic is blended from exponential to linear. The Excite input fires the digital CV generator and has a different function in each mode. Selecting the modes is done with a small button.

  • Envelope mode: AD envelope that modulates VCA and VCF. Shape blends in longer decay time, then a longer attack time and finally shortens both. Excite input acts as a trigger input.
  • Vactrol mode: the CV generator simulates the behaviour of a vactrol. Shape controls it's slowness - till the center position the decay gets significantly longer but the attack only a little bit. in the second half of the potentiometer the "vactrol" acts in a strange way and even "backwards". MOD determines the timbre of the filter by dampening the highs. Vactol mode works best when VCA characteristic is set to linear.
  • Envelope Follower: The amlitude of the signal at the Excite input is being analyzed and the CV which follows it modualte the channel. Shape sets the reaction time, MOD how strong the cutoff frequency will follow the amplitude. Gating and expander effecs can occur when you play with the level and the lin/exp potentiometer or if you use the same signal at IN and excite.
  • Compressor: works only properly in exponential VCA mode and when level-mod is in it's minimum position. The excite input works as a sidechain for the Input signal and the excite level determines gain reduction. If only IN is used, the module works as a normal compressor. Attack time is fixed to 0.2ms and decay to 150ms. MOD: in 12h-position no compression happens; counterclockwise signals are tamed and clockwise low signals are boosted.

Press the function button and access five alternate modes like AR envelope, pinging the vactrol, envelope follower for cutoff frequency only, a softer compressor and a direct VCF mode. Press both buttons and access twin mode where both channels work in the same modes and their controls are used to set separate parameters like attack and decay.


per channel: signal input and output, excite input, level CV input


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 26mm deep
power consumption: 100mA @ +12V and 30mA @ -12V

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