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Interface for converting MIDI signals into control voltages and gates or triggers. It offers conversion of up to four channels and different operation modes (monophonic, polpyhonic, multi-timbral etc.). Special features are an apreggiator, a digital VCO and a 64-step sequencer inspired by the Roland SH-101.



Yarns offers a number of modes: monophonic (1M), duophonic (2P), dual monophonic (2M), quadrophonic (4P), quad monophonic (4M), four triggers (4T). The multi-timbral modes 2M and 4M can work on different MIDI channels. In modes 2>, 4> and 8> Yarns handles one half of the MIDI notes and passes the rest to the MIDI output. A number of note priority and polyphonic allocation schemes can be chosen from. Each voice has an integrated LFO, controlled by the mod wheel.

Yarns emits different signals (1V/oct CVs & +5V gates) on the eight sockets, depending on the mode:

  • in monophonic mode: Note, Velocity, Modulation and Aftertouch (or another CC), a Gate, a Trigger, MIDI Clock, MIDI Reset
  • duophonic / dual monophonic: Note CVs 1 and 2, Modulation-CV, assignable CV, Gates 1 and 2, MIDI Clock and MIDI Start
  • quadrophonic / quad monophonic: Note CVs 1-4, Gates 1-4
  • Quad-Trigger: Trigger 1-4, Gate 1 and 2, MIDI Clock, MIDI Start

Each part can generate MIDI synched sequences, either recorded step by step or live. Up to 64 steps can be recorded.
Clock divider functions, micro tuning and a digital VCO at the CV outputs are integrated as well.


MIDI In and Out
4 CV outputs, 4 gate/trigger outputs


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 26mm deep
Power consumption: 60mA @ +12V and 2mA @ -12V

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