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The LD4 module came from Tokyo, it is a four voice drum synth for very small money, listening to midi and cv/gate it is easy to understand, not really a beauty in your case but indeed quite affordable compared to the sound and possibilities.



The NAAD LD4 is based on an ARM Cortex-M4F (STM32F407 168 MHz) MCU, the firmware is open source. The module is digital but it is not just playing samples, but uses the processor to generate four sound engines as drumsynthesizer. A frequency and amplitude modulated oscillator, with pitch-envelope is mixed with noise and finally bended thru a filter., an LFO can modulate the cutoff frequency and thats it? To generate some smart drumsounds this is absolutely fine as plenty of classic machines has showed us in the past already. And also some tonal sounds can be created this way quite easy and fast.

Midi In and Out, 4 x CV and GATE in, L und R output, power supply per usual Doepfer-compatible busboard connection on the backside

36 TE Eurorack module

0.25 kg
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