Nexus Instruments - CV Looper


The Nexus Instruments CV_Looper is designed to create and alter CV and Gate sequences on the fly, with a focus on live playability.
It records and loops up to four CV signals which are either generated internally with a knob or injected via the CV input. The recorded CVs can be quantized; individual tracks can be muted or passed through. It's possible to sync to other modules or use the internal tempo.



Each channel can be recorded separately; while the recording is active the CV is being sampled and saved constantly. There are different recording modes which alter the behavoiur of the REC buttons (One-Shot or Hold). It is possible to quantize the CV prior to recording.
The sampling is done with 96 pulses per quarter note (ppqn), high frequencies are suppressed by a low pass filter. Samplig of audio material will cuse aliasing.

CV loops' lenghts can be varied and constatnly modified. The master loop can be up to four bars long. In addition to the master loop length you can set each track's lenght individually

The module is operted with a potentiometer, four function buttons, four channel recording buttons and a shift button.

  • Loop Length: Potentiometer sets the loop length. Shift + Loop Length activates and sets the track length.
  • Tempo: Potentiometer determines the internal tempo (40-200 BPM), Tap Tempo is possible, too (40-240 BPM). Shift + Tempo selects clock source (internal / external).
  • Pass: selects Pass Mode for the active channel. Shift + Pass actiates quantization for the according track.
  • Clear: Hold Clear and press a REC button to mute the selected track. This mutes both the recording and playback. Shift + Clear changes CV source (internal / external).
  • REC: Holding REC activates recording for the desired channel. Shit + Rec mutes the track.

The four LEDs display the position within a loop: red = measure, purple = bar.

Plug the CV you'd like to record into the CV IN socket. The CVs must be in a range of 0-5V. Voltage besides this range will be clipped and ignored.
The clock input allows for synchronizing to an external tempo. You can select between a resolution of 24ppqn (DIN Sync) or 4 ppqn (sixteenths). Higher resolution will result in more accurate timing.
The reset input is used for re-setting the playback.


inputs: CV, clock, reset
four CV outputs, one per loop


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 37mm deep

0.2 kg
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