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Ataraxic Iteritas is a digital Lo-Fi oscillator. It is based on the original Ataraxic Translatron, but has been extended with many functions and sound controls. The module is specialized in low-frequency basses, metallic drones and scratchy, clearly digital timbres. Sometimes, the module is reminiscent of old fax machines and modems.



The Ataraxic Iteritas is an aggressive digital oscillator.

It uses a variable sample rate that is a multuiple of the fundamental frequency. This aligns the aliasing with the harmonics of the tone.

The pitch control uses a push-encoder knob to tune the fundamental oscillator. By simply turning the encoder, it operates in fine tune mode. Coarse adjustement is done by pushing and turning the knob.

Thanks to a standard 1v/octave input the oscillator can be played tonally.

The Noise potentiometer displaces the samples in time and modulates the amplitude of the signal by white noise. This adds a broken edge to the output.

The comb knob allows to change the emphasis of the harmonic structure. At 12 o’clock the filter is off. To the left, it brings out more high harmonics, and to the right, it brings out more low harmonics.

The interpolation between waveforms is adjusted using the Shape control.

Soft Fold allows to add interest to simple sounding waveforms by asymmetric folding.

The Waveform control blends between waveforms in the bit table selected by the Mod switch.

Time Mod enables the creation of sounds which are similar to PWM or hard sync. Modulating this parameter creates phaser-type sounds.

Thanks to the Mode switch it is possible to select between three different sets of waveforms, arranged in tables. They are then modified by the Shape and Waveform parameters.

The range of the oscillator is set by the Range switch which is labelled B/A/T (Bass, Alto, Treble). The three positions are two octaves apart from each other.  

The Sync input allows to reset the state of the oscillators on a rising edge.

All parameters are CV controllable. If a cable is patched to a CV input, the according knob act as offset.  

1 v/o pitch input
B/A/T input
L/S/2 input
Noise, Shape, Time Mod, Wave, Comb, Soft Fold CV inputs
Sync input
Audio output

3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, 38 mm in depth
Power consumption: 80 mA at +12 V, 90 mA at +5 V and 5 mA at -12 V

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