Noise Engineering - Basimilus Iteritas Magnus (5 U module)


Basimilus Iteritas Magnus is a digital drum voice featuring six tonal oscillators and noise. Thanks to three synthesis algorithms, “infinite” wave folding, oscillator detuning and a wide frequency range, the module can generate just about any drum sound imaginable. All parameters are voltage controllable.



Basimilus Iteritas Magnus comes equipped with three synthesis algorithms. You can choose between them manually or via a control voltage. In detail, the following programs are available:

  • Skin: Additive synthesis algorithm, which simulates the sound of drum instruments with a membrane. The results can be reminiscent of, for instance, a kick, snare or tom.
  • Liquid: Similar to Skin, but with a much harder attack phase.
  • Metal: A FM synthesis algorithm, which is specialized in atonal sounds like cymbals or hi-hats.

The functions of the Pitch and Decay knob should be self-explanatory. The Attack potentiometer adds a percussive component to the sound. In middle position, it is an analog pop. While moving the control element to the left, noise becomes more and more audible. Turning the knob to the right makes the attack fade-in slowly. Morph allows you to transform the oscillator waves from sine to triangle, saw-tooth and finally square. The Fold potentiometer not only determines the wave folding intensity, but also the number of folding stages used. The Harm(onic) knob determines the number of oscillators used. In addition, the parameter affects the decay and volume of the sound. Using the Spread potentiometer, the oscillators can be detuned. All parameters are voltage-controllable. The same goes for the Bass / Alto / Treble parameter, which can be used for choosing between three frequency ranges. For playing the BIM module, there is a trigger input and a button.


Trigger input
Audio output
CV inputs for Pitch, Spread, Harm, Morph, Fold, Attack, Decay, S/L/M selection, B/A/T selection

5U module in Moog form factor, two units wide
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