Noise Engineering - Basimilus Iteritas Alter


Basimilus Iteritas Alter is the revised version of the BS.

Digital drum synthesizer module with six tonal oscillators and a noise generator. With three different synthesis methods, an "infinite" wave folder, oscillator detuning and a wide frequency range this module can generate pretty much everything drum. Every parameter is voltage controllable!



The Basimilus Iteritas offers two synthesis types:

  • SKIN is an additive synthesizer simulating simple, membrane generated drum sounds that have modes that do not interact. Read: bass drums, tomtoms, snares etc
  • LIQUID resembles SKIN but it produces a way more prominent and hard attack
  • METAL is a FM synth, perfectly suited for creating atonal and metalic sound like cymbals and hihats.

The function of the Pitch and Decay should be clear. Attack adds a percussive sound to the oscillator mix: in center position it's an "analog pop", left of center noise and right of center the attack slows down. Morph continuously blends the waveforms from sine over triangle to sawtooth and finally square. Fold controls wavefolder intensity which adds more and more folder stages when turning it up, resulting in harmonic full throttle beyond 3h-position.
Harmonic determines how many oscillators are audible at the output and how long they sound: first a single VCO, then two. If turned up the other oscillators are faded in with increasing decay and finally with rising amplitude. The spacing of oscillators' frequencies are set with the Spread potentiometer.
Bass/Alto/Treble switch and CV input select the frequency range.
The sound can be fired manually using the Hit button.


Trigger input, Audio output
CV inputs for Pitch, Spread, Harm, Morph, Fold, Attack, Decay, S/L/M selection, B/A/T selection


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 38mm deep

power (with internal 5V): 150mA @ +12V, 5mA @ -12V
power (with external 5V): 80mA @ +12V, 5mA @ -12V and 90mA @ +5V

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