Noise Engineering - Cursus Iteritas Percido


The new synthesizer and drum voice from Noise Engineering. The Cursus Iteritas Percido is a Cursus Iteritas oscillator with a built in envelope that can modulate the oscillator and a Master Blaster knob that sends the envelope to every parameter at once, resulting in tons of modulation for interesting percussion and synth sounds. The Cursus Iteritas Percido oscillator core generates its own wavetables in real time as well as aliasing which is harmonically related to the pitch of the oscillator.




  • Wavetable-generating oscillator
  • All-in-one synthesis voice based on the Cursus Iteritas
  • Attenuverter-controlled envelope routing for every parameter
  • Master Blaster macro knob for envelope send levels
  • Direct Master Blaster Envelope Out
  • CV control for all parameters

3U Eurorack module, 24HP wide, 27mm in depth
Powerconsumption: 105/60mA +12V, 60mA -12V, 0/75mA +5V

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