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The Lapsus Os is a compact four channel attenuator and offset generator designed for control voltages. Each channel can be set to bipolar or unipolar attenuation thanks to switches. The level is controlled by a fader with integrated LED which shows the control voltage that is being passed through. With nothing patched to the input, the channels generate a 0-5 Volt or +/-5 Volt offset. Switches on the back of the module invert the fader behavior, allowing for the module to be mounted in either direction, for further customization and ease of use.



The Noise Engineering Lapsus Os is a four channel attenuator with offset.

Thanks to a switch, each channel can be changed from unipolar to bipolar. Its attenuation is set with one of the four faders with integrated LEDs -These show the voltage that is being passed through.  

Sending signals to the inputs marked with an ‚X‘, the signal is attenuated or inverted, depending on the position of the channel fader and switch.

If signals are send to the inputs marked with a ‚+‘, an offset is added to the input, controlled by the fader  and the mode switch. In bipolar mode, the offset can be negative whereas in unipolar mode it is only positive.

Each channel provides a pair of identival outputs. This is very useful, when used as offset, for controlling various parameters on other modules with a single fader.

Furthermore, it is possible to use the module upside down thanks to switches on the rear-board, which invert the behaviour of the faders.

A module made for live performances!


3U Eurorack module

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