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Loquelic Iteritas is a complex digital VCO with interpretations of three classic synthesis algorithms. The module uses a dual frequency control. Loquelic Iteritas provides you with an extremely large sound universe that is explored using four sound parameters and two frequency controls. The sound is radical-digital-rough and reminds the listener of nasty FM sounds and metallic-cold wave multipliers.



Loquelic Iteritas offers three different synthesis algorithms, which can be selected via a toggle switch. This creates an unbelievable variety of sounds!  In the upper position, the VO algorithm is active. It generates extremely complex overtone structures that sound very raw. Pitch A controls the basic frequency of the carrier and pitch B affects the retrigger frequency of the exponential decay. The Damp button controls the decay constant of oscillator B, relative to its period, resulting in an increase in harmonic content when the knob is turned up.
The second program is the Summation Synthesis Algorithm (SS). It was based on a mathematical equation. The algorithm produces very clean and metallic sounds. The Damp control modifies the "a" parameter in the mathematical equation : Higher values produce more harmonics in the sound spectrum.
In the third position of the toggle switch, a two-oscillator phase modulation synthesis (PM) is activated, which is based on a simple algorithm and therefore sounds extremely digital. The Damp potentiometer is used to mix the ratio between the two oscillators and their AM product, thus controlling the overtone content.

In all modes, the Mod knob phase-modulates oscillator A through oscillator B and the Fold knob adjusts the threshold of the final wave folder. It really makes the sounds scream!

The MORPH potentiometer continuously changes the waveform of the two oscillators (from sine to triangle to sawtooth). The VO mode is an exception. Here, only the first oscillator is affected.

Using the Master toggle switch, you can control the sync between the oscillators. In the middle position, both oscillators run independently of each other. When A is selected, oscillator B will synchronize to oscillator A and vice versa when B is selected.

Pitch inputs A and B are normalized to each other, meaning the incoming control signal affects both oscillators, unless you plug another cable into the second pitch input.
With the SYNC input, you can reset the oscillators.


Pitch CV inputs A & B
CV inputs for: morph, modulate, fold and damp
oscillator output


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 38mm deep

power consumption:
at internal +5V: 150mA @ +12V, 5mA@ -12V, 0mA @ +5V
at external +5V: 80mA @ +12V, 5mA @-12V, 90mA @ +5V

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