Noise Engineering - Mimetic Sequent


Mimetic Sequent is a CV recorder with nifty random functions and a quantizer. The module can hold three patterns with a length of up to 64 steps. Its random generator comes with several modes of operation, tailored for processing pitch and modulation signals. Lots of parameters are not only adjustable by hand, but can be influenced by control voltages as well.



The Mimetic Sequent receives clock signals via its Beat input. Using the Advance button, it is possible to step through patterns manually as well. Trigger respectively clock voltages at the Measure connector determine the length of a sequence. The Reset button allows users to jump to the beginning of a pattern. As long as the control element is held, incoming clock signals are ignored.

Mimetic Sequent is able to hold three patterns with up to 64 steps each. A switch enables the user to jump between storage slots quickly. For recording sequences, two modes of operation are available:

  • Short mode records data, until all 64 steps are filled or a signal at the Measure input is detected.
  • Free mode fills the 64 steps and then starts overwriting them, until the recording switch is flipped.

A copy function makes it possible to duplicate pattern.

The random potentiometer influences likelihood as well as the method used for processing CV sequences. With the knob turned completely counterclockwise, material is not edited at all. To allow detailed alterations of patterns, Noise Engineering implemented three random modes. 5C is specialized in processing modulation signals. 2P and 5P are meant for editing pitch CV material in a range of two respectively five octaves. Last, but not least, there is a quantizer, which uses the equal-tempered scale to adjust patterns.

The Mimetic Sequent employs flash memory to store data. Therefore, power cycling will not erase patterns.


The Mimetic Sequent can be expanded using the Mimetic Multium.


CV input and output
Beat and Measure inputs
Pattern and Random CV inputs


3U Eurorack module, 6 HP wide, 20 mm deep
Power consumption: 50 mA at +12 V and 50 mA at -12 V

0.2 kg
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