Noise Engineering - Sinc Bucina


The Sinc Bucina is a combination of a resonant low-pass filter and a VCA. The module can be controlled ASR-style or like a low pass gate. The velocity-dependent Ping input offers classic release-only LPG behavior, while the Gate input offers much more complex slewing, useful for simple ASR envelopes to dynamic modulation.




  • Follow-up to the classic Sinclastic Empulatrix module
  • Lowpass gate and envelope coupled in a single module
  • Envelope offers continuously variable attack and decay
  • Traditional gate input as well as "ping" input for classic LPG-like decay-only response
Ping input
Gate input
Envelope output
Audio input and output

3U Eurorack module, 4 HP wide, Skiff-friendly
Power consumption: 45 mA at +12 V and 40 mA at -12 V

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