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Dual Burst Generator with integrated, voltage controllable LFO/clock generator. A burst generator produces a stream of gate signals on command which are synchronized to an internal or external clock in the caase of this module. The length of the 33 possible burst patterns, each with a maximum length of 64 gates can be modulated and the pattern can be "choked" as well.



LFO / Clockgenerator: left switch selects between the interal and the external clock.

  • internal clock: In socket is used as rate CV input from 0V to 8V i.e. over eight octaves. The tempo is set manually with the Tmp/Div potentiometer. Select between three rate ranges, each with a lowest speed of: .5Hz (30BPM), 2Hz (120BPM) or 8Hz (480BPM). The clock is available at the out socket.
  • external clock: inject it to the In socket. The Tmp/Div potentiometer sets the clock dvisor from 1 to 32.

Burst generators:
33 burst patterns are available which can be selected with a CV or with a potentiometer. Each pattern has a maximal length of 64 "steps"; the length can be reduced with the Count potentiometer (CNT) or by the CV input of the same name. The patterns are generated by binary mathematical principles.
A burst is fired when receiving a rising edge of a gate at the Hit socket or by depressing the Hit button and it can be terminated with the Choke function (Chk) both manually or by a gate at the Chk input.
The bursts are emitted at the out sockets. When a burst ends, a gate will be generated at the End socket, whihc you might use to trigger the oter burst generator.>/p>

Primary use of the module are rhythmical tasks and the module works great with drum modules for instance to generate rolls, fill-ins or hihat patterns.


LFO/Clock: clock In/LFO CV in, clock output
Burst pattern select CV input (PAT)
per burst generator: Gate input (HIT), Choke gate input (CHK), burst count CV input (CNT), burst output (OUT), burst end gate output (END)


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 20mm deep
power consumption: 50mA @ +12V and 5mA @ -12V

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