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The eternal sorrow with integrating the modular system in a studio environment: either there aren't enough channels, you need a special cable, the level can't be adjusted or it sounds like crap. Meh.
Ith IO by nw2s offer 2+2channels on 10HP and integrates your Eurorack just like any other rack unit thanks to a well-thought-out concept and DB-25 connectors in Tascam format.
This version of the IO is unbalanced and offers gain reduction on the outputs.



The benefits of the module are pretty clear:
You can record audio directly form your modular system without worrying about the audio level.
Recording several audio signals simultaneously without mixing them first? No problem, there are enough outputs.
Integrate studio gear like effects, EQc, dynamic processors directly into your modular system.
Do you have an audio interface with a Tascam connector? Then use the modular system as an insert for your DAW.
The IO is DC-coupled and thus can transmit CVs and gates with man< audio interfaces. Use it as interface with SilentWay software.

The IO module consists of two sections: on top is the output section with 3.5mm sockets and a DB-25 Tascam output connector. On the bottom is the input section with a DB-25 input connector and eight 3.5mm output sockets. All minijacks feature LEDs for displaying the level.

The unbalanced variant of the IO shown here uses a passive circuit to convert the 3.5mm signals to DB-25 and vice versa.
There's a gain reduction of -6dB on the outputs for adapting the loud modular levels to the +4dBu line level of the studio gear and to prevent unwanted distortions. The passive conversion won't color your sound or limit headroom at all, it just pads the signal.


input: 8x 3.5mm sockets, 1x DB-25 connector
output: 8x 3.5mm sockets, 1x DB-25 connector


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 38mm deep
current draw (typical): 20mA @ +12V and 5mA @ -12V

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