NW2S - O16 Balanced Line Driver


The O16 is an analog multichannel interface for connecting a modular system with other studio equipment. The circuit offers 16 inputs, LEDs visualize incoming signals. Internally, audio material is attenuated by -6 dB, meaning it gets converted to studio level (+4 dBu). Results are emitted via two DB-25 connectors. Balanced line drivers of excellent quality guarantee high-fidelity sound, even with long cable runs. – Finally, modular owners don’t have to think about DI boxes and wiggly adapters anymore.



With the O16, muffled sound and worries about signal levels are things of the past. The circuit comes equipped with line drivers, which electrically balance and attenuate incoming audio material. 16 channels are available. - Enough audio paths for separately transferring drums, bass sounds and melodies to, for instance, a mixing console or an audio interface. Thanks to 3.5 mm sockets, the O16 integrates perfectly into any Eurorack setup. LEDs give optical feedback about incoming signals. On the output side, there are two DB-25 connectors with eight channels each.


16 signal inputs
Two DB-25 outputs


3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide

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