NWS - Chaos Engine


NWS is the abbreviation for "Nick´s World of Synthesizers" and his Chaos engine is a funny sound generator with five free tunable oscillators. Each oscillator is played with a dedicated button so you can generate chords, drones and dissonances. Oscillator synchronization and Chaos extends the sound spectrum, providing chaotic and wild sounds. The circuitry is based on discrete transistors which guarantees great analog sound.


Each of the five oscillators can be tuned independently and is assigned to an own key so you get a syntheiszer with a simple, yet freely tunable five-key keyboard. Synchronisation and a chaos parameter affect the synth´s behavior - without sync there´s no influencen between oscillators and you have a primitve keyboard. Turning up the chaos parameter destabilizes the oscillators.

Oscillator 1 can synchronize the oscillators 2-4. Turning their frequency controls produces harmonics or even sub-harmonics that can be musical or totally wild and dissonant, depending if the frequency of the corresponding oscillator is higher or lower than of oscillator 1. If chaos is added the unit acts more and more wild, yet the oscillators try to synchronize and in extreme settings you can generate sound resembling a fax machine or a modem.


Audioausgang, 6,35mm-Klinke

Eingang für externes 9V DC-Netzteil (Gitarren-Norm: Mitte negativ, außen positiv). Die Schaltung ist jedoch gegen Verpolung geschützt.


Abmessungen: 194 x 134 x 65mm.  Gewicht: 0,6 kg

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