Orthogonal Devices - ER-101 (People's Choice)


We will not be getting this unit anymore because OD has stopped reselling to dealers. Please buy directly.

Unique and pretty complex digtal real-time sequencer with four tracks and memory. It makes it possible to compose sequences with thousands of steps with variable duration, variable gate length, arbitrary scales. Smooth tempo-matched transitions; mathematical functions per step; copy/paste; note repeat (ratchet) and shuffle per step. New firmware can be easily loaded via USB and the module can be expanded.



The ER-101 just has too many features to list them here. Please get back to Orthogonal Devices' page, the user manual and the great videos. Thanks a lot!


Clock input, reset input
per track: CV A out, CV B out, gate out


3U Eurorack module, 26HP wide, 20mm deep

current consumption: a switch on the back lets you choose the +5V source)
- If +5V source is internal REGulator then approx 120mA from +12V.
- If +5V source is the BUS then approx 95mA from +5V and 25mA from +12V.

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