Orthogonal Devices - ER-102 (People's Choice)


We will not be getting this unit anymore because OD has stopped reselling to dealers. Please buy directly.

The ER-102 expands the already vast number of possibilites of the ER-101 sequencer by awesome functions. Within one snapshot you can now generate parts and recall these via CVs, also you can generate groups of steps that can be transformed and modulated. The recording function e.g. allows for real-time recording and overdubs. Storage and firmware updates vie memory cards is possible as well.

This here is the version "People's Choice" with black print on aluminium.



More info after the holiday season
Delivery in January


PART: CV input for part selection and gate input for part activation
GROUP: 3 pairs of CV/Gate inputs for modulating steps of a group
RECORD: CV inputs A-1 and A-2, Gate inputs D-1 and D-2, CV- or gate inputs AD-1 and AD-2


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, 30mm deep
power consumption: max 80mA from +12V only

0.25 kg
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