Patching Panda - N.V.H.S


The N.V.H.S. (Noise, Vibration & Harshness Synthesis) from Patching Panda is an extensive drum synth voice. It consists of an audio input stage, an 808-based noise generator, a multimode filter with low-pass and band-pass modes as well as a VCA plus decay envelope. – A great setup for creating a vast palette of percussive sounds. From hi-hats to deep kicks, this module will shine with its flexibility.



The N.V.H.S. is a drum synth voice.

As audio source there is an inbuilt 808-inspired noise generator and an external input. Both provide a gain amount potentiometer.

For shaping the sound, the module features a 2-pole multimode filter, with a slope steepness of -12dB. Using the LP/BP switch you can change the filter type from low-pass to band-pass. The cutoff frequency is set manually by the Freq knob. Thanks to the CV Freq input it can be voltage controlled. The filter resonance is determined by the Res potentiometer.

A fast VCA with integrated decay envelope is available, to create percussive sounds. The envelope is launched by a trigger or gate at the trigger input labelled with an explosion graphic. Sending triggers with different voltage gain will produce a velocity effect.

The amount of decay is set with a potentiometer and can also be voltage controlled thanks to the according CV input. The decay can be changed from soft to more aggressive logarithmic response using the curve potentiometer.

Audio input
Audio output
Trigger input
Freq-CV input
Decay-CV input
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