Patching Panda - Vibrazum 2


Triple resonant multimode VCF capable of subtle to extreme tone shaping. The three channels have dedicated outputs, as well as a mix output with individual level controls. It was designed to create movement to the sound using voltage control inputs. Each channel is able to sweep through all the frequency spectrum. A dedicated shift control with attenuverter cv input is able to swap all 3 filtres at the same time. The Vibrazum shines at high feedback with 24dB slope, the resonance is very creamy and full of rich harmonics from a gnarly tone-shaping tool of sonic destruction to vowel robotic sounds.



Vibrazum 2 features three independent filters with individual and common frequency control.

They share a common audio input, allowing to use the module as a formant filter. Each filter provides an individual output. Furthermore the three channels are summed at the Mix output.

Channel 1 and 3 can be switched from bandpass to highpass.

The cutoff frequency of each filter is adjusted manually with the dedicated Freq potentiometer or via control voltage. Each channel is able to sweep the entire frequency range for everything from modulated snarls, nasal sweeps, and pseudo-­resonator response.

New in Version 2 is the big Shift Knob which enables to move the frequency of all the three filters at the same time. Thanks to the Shift CV input it can be voltage controlled.

Audio input
Four audio outputs: FQ1, FQ2, FQ3, Out
CV inputs: FQ1, FQ2, FQ3, Reso, Shift
3U Eurorack module, 14 HP wide
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