Percussa - Super Signal Processor (SSP)


The Percussa SSP: SSP stands for Super Signal Processor. And “super” is an attribute the SSP definitely deserves. In short: it is a digital modular system suited for any Eurorack system - with unsurpassed computing power and a range of modules being continuously expanded. As a powerful DSP platform, it can provide functions that cannot be realized with analogue circuits or only with very high effort respectively. But it also shines in regard to basic functions and utilities. Thanks to its clever user interface the Percussa SSP integrates itself quickly into every system without interrupting the direct access and patch flow that makes Eurorack so attractive.



The Percussa SSP has 16 / 8 freely configurable inputs and outputs. With up to 32bit to 192kHz these are absolutely also suitable for audio recordings, but will also accept DC voltages / CVs in the range of +/- 5V.

A very fast SD card slot is used, so you recording 8 tracks at the same time is possible – and supported. The module can hence also be used as a multitrack recorder. Where these recordings can then be used as source material for the Sampler, WavetableSynth or GrainProcessor.

These assignments can be made very quickly with the simple and shallow menu structure and the endless encoders. These are context-sensitive and will be assigned with the appropriate function. The active parameter is highlighted graphically and fonts are optimized for readability. All this is supported by the very large display with a resolution of 1600*480 pixels. It is by far bright enough to be readable in any situation and is able to show complex animations and visualizations due to the 2D/3D graphic acceleration. (Yes…it can also be used as Oscilloscope!)

The module is powered by a recent generation quad-core ARM cortex A17 chip with 1.8Ghz, which provides more than enough computing power. So you can run several instances of CPU-intensive plugins like the (live input) grain processor or the reverb. You have to calculate with quite a power demand of 850 +12V / 250mA -12V where we would recommend a larger power supply like the Doepfer PSU3 or Intellijel TPS80W.

The workflow of the Percussa SSP is modular oriented: There are oscillators, filters, effects in many variations. Also modulators like LFOs and a Stepsequencer as well as much needed practical utilities. All in all a selection of way over 20 modules (atm) which can be freely connected to each other as desired. The manufacturer promises to continuously expand the range of modules and functions with future firmware updates. As it is based on very recent DSP architecture and high build quality the Percussa SSP will surely stay in the Eurorack game for the years to come.

The main features summarized:

Inputs / Outputs:

16 in / 8 out via high quality AKM converters

32 bit @ 48kHz, 96kHz, 192kHz sample rate

alle I/O DC coupled, -5V to +5V

USB & SD Card support


ARM Cortex A17 mit 1.8 GHz

2 GB RAM und 16 GB Flash Memory


1600×480 Pixel wide display with full colour

2D & 3D graphics acceleration supported

4x high quality aluminium knobs with 4x Bourns end- and clickless encoder


use as multitrack recorder possible

currently far over 20 modules are integrated:

  • Wavetable Oscillator with true 3D morphing (XYZ) and cloud features
  • Sampler with Layering features
  • LFO with multiple waveforms (sine, saw, square, triangle)
  • Variable Frequency Noise
  • DC generator
  • Enveloped Generator with Exponential A and DR
  • Waveshaper
  • Comb Filter
  • State Variable Filter
  • Step Sequencer
  • Granular processor with live input
  • Sampler module (with separate parameters and modulation inputs for the 8 slots )
  • Simple delay
  • Bit crusher
  • Physical modeling membrane
  • Arpeggiator
  • Envelope Follower
  • Bus module
  • Develop/load your own VST plugins (compiled for Linux/Arm)
  • Switcher Module
  • Reverb and Delay
  • Macro Module
  • ...many extensions and updates planned for the future! stay tuned!
8 Ins with up to 32bit/192 KHz, +/-5V DC-coupled
16 Outputs with up to 32bit/192kHz, +/-5V DC-coupled
2*USB Host, 1*USB Device, high speed SD card slot

3U Eurorack module, 60 HP wide and 35 mm in depth
Power consumption: 850 mA at +12 V and 250 mA at -12 V

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