Pittsburgh Modular - Lifeforms Micro Sequence


Micro Sequence is tailored to live performances. The module’s eight faders are used to program notes and mutes as well as additional CV values. Patterns can be quantized to one of several scales. On top of that, there are eight playback modes. By combining all the module’s functions, pretty interesting melodies can be created, despite its limitation to eight steps.


Micro Sequence features eight faders, which can be used to program note values and gates or pauses. (Fader at the bottom = pause) In addition, a second, always active CV voltage for modulations can be notated. It is emitted via a second CV output. A quantizer with eight scales helps you to dial in the right pitch value. The following scales are available:

  • Micro tonality – 250 note intervals per octave
  • Chromatic
  • Major
  • Minor
  • Blues
  • Phrygian
  • Lydian
  • Dorian

There are eight playback modes. When switching from one to another, the module always waits until the first step of a sequence has been reached before changing the playback behavior. This way, you don’t get out of step immediately. The following playback modes can be chosen:

  • Forward
  • Reverse
  • Pendulum – Forward / backwards alternating. The first and and last step are played twice, so you can create a sequence with up to 16 steps.
  • Stagger – The module plays the first to last step of the sequence. There’s a 25% chance that the playback direction will change. (Forward / backwards)
  • Skip – Micro Sequence is skipping every other step.
  • Splits the steps into two groups of four. The lower four faders are used to transpose the sequence programmed with the upper row of faders.
  • Random
  • Random with incidental mutes.

Via the Modulation Gate input,you can activate a reset, hold, reverse or ratchet function. Additionally, there is a button for resetting the module manually.

The tempo of the Micro Sequence is controllable via a tap tempo function. Alternatively, an external clock signal can be used. It is alterable via a divider.


Multifunctional gate input
Combined clock input and output
Pitch, gate and CV outputs


3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, 24 mm in depth
Power consumption: 56 mA at +12 V and 8 mA at -12 V

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