Pittsburgh Modular - Microvolt 3900


The Microvolt 3900 combines East Coast and West Coast synthesis philosophies in an unprecedented way. Besides standards, the oscillator offers foldable waves. The instrument’s low-pass filter and VCA can act as a low-pass gate. Modulators include an ADSR envelope, a function generator and an LFO with additional random voltage source. On top of that, utility circuits, a noise generator, a MIDI-CV interface and an arpeggiator were implemented. Thanks to 38 patch points, audio signals and control voltages can be routed flexibly.



  • Voltage controlled West Coast style wavefolder
  • Switchable harmonically rich sine wave
  • External preamp with independent 30x gain and output level controls
  • Classic Pittsburgh Modular low pass filter with extended resonance
  • Dynamic VCA with standard VCA and dynamic low pass gate modes
  • Variable overdrive on output
  • Multi-mode sequencing arpeggiator
  • Chaotic random CV and gate generator
  • Multi-tasking function generator works as a voltage controlled envelope, LFO, and oscillator
  • Highly tuned ADSR envelope generator
  • 39-point Eurorack format compatible patch bay
The Microvolt 3900 comes with a 15 V DC power supply.

36 x 22 x 6.5 centimeters

2.27 kg
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