Pittsburgh Modular - Analog Replicator


The Analog Replicator is a new module built from scratch, way better than the old "Analog Delay" module. With up to 8192 bucket-stages and two time ranges delays from 12ms to 2.6s are possible. Everything from short flangings over dense feedback to thrashy long delays is possible. Invertable feedback, voltage control of three parameters, bypass and a neat spillover function put the cherry on top.



Two BBD chips (bucket brigede device), each with 4096 stges are implemented and you can either use one or two in series to achieve longer delay times. One chip for short echos and reverbs, two chips for echos and longer delays. The short/long switch affects drastically the BBDs' clock frequency thus the delay time and also the audio quality - short is clean, brillant and beautiful - in long setting the clock frequency bleeds thru, the signal gets muddy and dark.

Delay ranges:

  • 4,096 and SHORT: 10ms to 175ms 8great for chorus effects!)
  • 8,192 and SHORT: 20ms to 350ms
  • 4,096 and LONG: 10ms to 1300ms
  • 8,192 and LONG: 20ms to 2600ms

Feedback, Delay time and the dry wet which is a vailable at an extra socket can all be voltage controlled and the CV inputs feature bipolar attenuators.
Feedback can be phase inverted which has the strongest effect at short delay times.
Two switches are used to deactivate the delay effect: Bypass kills the effect and lets only the dry signal pass, while Spillover makes the feedbacks fade out.


Audio: input, delay output, mix output
CV inputs for delay time, feedback amount and dry/wet mix


3U Eurorack module, 16HP wide, 35mm deep
current draw: 45mA

0.3 kg
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