Pittsburgh Modular - Bender


not in production anymore

The Bender is not an alcoholized cleptomaniac bending robot but a dual voltage controlled LFO with crossmodulation, providing for crazy modulations.


The module consists of two identical voltage controleld LFOs. There are two waveforms, a triangle and a variable wave you can blend from triangle to square by the VAR control or a CV at the VAR input. The linear RCV input controls the rate of the LFO. Different time ranges can be selected with the switch.

Both units can cross-modulate each other as long as no cable is inserted. The variable output modulates the other LFO´s rate.


Pro LFO: CV-Eingänge für die Geschwindigkeit und die variable Wellenform. Ausgänge für die Dreieckswelle und variable Welle.


3HE Eurorack-Modul, 10TE breit, 25mm tief.  Stromverbrauch 30mA

1 kg
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