Pittsburgh Modular - Cell[48] DC case


Not in production aynmore.

Small, expandable and inexpensive housing for Eurorack modules, it has an integrated power solution (550mA) and offers 48HP module space.


The housing is made of 1.6mm thick sheet metal and is black powdercoated.

The power supply gives 450mA at +12V and 450mA at -12V. It works with the supplied external 12V AC universal power supply (1.2A, 2.1mm plug, positive polartiy. The power switch and the wall wart inlet is located at the back of the case.
There is no typical bus board for connecting modules but a long ribbon cable with 9 ten-pole and 4 sixteen-pole headers that you need to connect directly to the module instead of the normal power cable.

Maximum modula depth is 53mm and directly above the power supply 36mm only. Modules are mounted with 18 sliding nuts and 20 screws (ATTENTION: the screws don't have a metric M3 thread but an imperial 4-40 thread!)


Unlike earlier Cell [48]s, the power supply and wood sides are now integrated which explains the higher price.


Dimensions: 242.5 x133 x 60mm

1 kg
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former retail price: €222.69

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