Pittsburgh Modular - Cell[48] System1


The [Cell48] System 1 is Pittsburgh Modular´s perfect entry to analog modular synthesis: a really nice sounding analog synthesizer with MIDI.
In a nice compact box you find a selection of modules: a semimodular synthesizer voice, a mixer/multiples, a duophonic MIDI/CV interface and an audio outputs / headphone amp. the semi-modular structure and internal normalizations make it possible to use the system without a single patch cable - ideal for beginners!



Like all Pittsburgh Systems also the [Cell48] System 1 consists of a number of reasonably selected components of Pittsburgh Modular. The housing is the [Cell48] box with 48 horizontal pitch (HP) space for modules. Following modules are integrated:

  • The semi-modular synthsizer voice Synthesizer Block. One VCO with three mixable waveforms, PWM and portamento; resonant low pass filter; ADR envelope with switchable sustain; LFO with several time ranges, VCA. All components and modulations are pre-patched internally but those normalizations can be broken up with patch cords.
  • The signal splitter and mixer M3: A splitter (1 input and 3 buffered outputs withput signal lost), two mixers (2 inputs, 2 buffered outputs).
  • duophonix MIDI/CV interface MIDI2 converts Note On/Off commands into control voltages and gates. Three monophonic or polyphonic modes. MIDI Clock output.
  • Audio output module Outs: 2x 3,5mm inputs, 2x 6,35mm mono outputs (adjustable level), headphone amp with separate level control

4 HP are free and are covered with a blank panel. this way you can expand the System 1 by other Eurorack modules. As usually in eurorack-land you can re-position the modules or interchange them.

The system is delivered with wooden sides, 5 patch cords, 1 operation manual and an external power suply.


Synthblock: Oszillator: 1V/oct in, reset in, FM CV in, PWM CV in, Tri Out, Saw out, Sqr out, Mix out; LFO: Tri out, Sqr out; Hüllkurve: in, out;  Filter: Cut CV in, filter in, filter out; VCA: VCA Cv in, VCA In, VCA out

M3: Mult jeweils In und 3x Out. Mixer jeweils 2x In und 2x Out

MIDI: 2x CV out, 2x CV out, Sync out, MIDI In

Outs: L and R In, headphone out (stereo), Out L, Out R (mono)


Abmessungen ca. 285 x 135 x 60mm

1 kg
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