Pittsburgh Modular - DNA Symbiotic Waves


Powerful 8Bit digital oscillator and signal proessor. The module consists of two oscillators (one master, one slave) and a wave shaper. Each VCO has 16 wave forms; you can blend between both VCOs. The mix output carries the mix of the two oscillators which is treated by the processor - both waves can be combined in 1 of 16 ways.



WAVES is the oscillator section, comprising of a master VCO (wave 1) and a slave (wave 2), each with 16 wave forms. Besides the classic waves we find also sinusiods, derivations of sawtooth, resonant waves and also a chaotic wave.
Main pitch is set with the Frequency and Fine Tune controls. The pitch of the second VCO is tied to the first one's but can be detuned maximum one octave up with the "Wave 2 Detune" control.

PROCESSOR mixes the wave forms, controls the balance between wave 1 and 2 and also processes the mix with one of 16 digital phase distortion methods like summing, multiplying, stacking or delaying the signals, wave folding, pitch synchronisation, switching between waves, shifting bits, two phaser effects and also combinations of different methods. Depending on the selected mode the "controller" parameter has differet function. "Balance" usually sets the balance between both waves except in FM modes where it mixes the FM'd signal with VCO1. Balance and Parameter both can be voltage controlled, too.

Each VCO has it's own output, the processed signal is available at the MIX output.


inputs: 1V/octave, Balance CV, Control CV
outputs: Wave1, Wave2, Mix


3U Eurorack module,16HP wide, 36.5mm deep
power consumption 45mA

0,2 kg
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