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The Filter by Pittsburgh Modular is a multimode filter with state variable topology which gives a smooth natural and warm sound. The filter doesn't have a sweet spot but sounds good over the whole frequency range. A special oscillator mode allows the filter to be used as an oscillator as well.



State Variable multimode filter with four simultaneous filter characteristics: lowpass, bandpass, highpass and notch. The latter can be blended from lowpass over notch to high pass with the L-H control. The cutoff frequency and the resonance (or: Q) have according controls and CV inputs with attenuators.

Two switches expand the filter with very special functions. The upper switch controls the gain mode: in the "Q" setting the resonance works as usual but in "1" setting the resonance turns into a VCA! The lower switch selects the mode: in "F" position the filter won´t self-oscillate, in "Q" position though it will produce a stable sine wave and act as an oscillator and the resonance becomes a waveshaper! At extreme Q settings the input signal will be distorted, from warm fuzz to heavy distortions.


Audio: 1x input, each one output for lowpass (LP), blendable notch (L-H), high pass (HP) and band pass (BP).

CV inputs for cutoff (FCV) and resonance (QCV)


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 35mm deep
power consumption: 31mA

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