Pittsburgh Modular - Game System


This sequencer for CVs and gates is inspired by retro computer games and is operated with a joystick with pushbutton function. Six "games", each an own type of seqeuncer from standard step sequencers to chaotic gate and CV generators, are integrated.
The module is entirely voltage controllable (yes, even the joystick movement can be replaced by CVs) and this allows for constant evolution of sequences.



The tri-color 8x8 LED display shows all sequencer information and the cursor position. The games are operated with the joystick's movements and values are set by pressing the joystick button.

There are four buttons: Game cycles through the six games; press for two seconds to enter the settings menu. Functionality of the Mode button depends on the current game. Reset will reset the game. Clock is a tap tempo button when internal clock is selected; with external clock it's used to set the clock divider.

Eight sockets for CVs and gates emulate the usage of the controls Button, Mode and Reset as well as the movements of the joystick (left, right, up and down). The entire user interface is voltage controllable! Imagine the insane possiblities of creative sequencing!!
The CLK socket is the clock input as long as the module is set to external clock.

About the games:

  • 1) Meteor Shower: fly with your space ship through falling meteorites. Collisions generate gate signals and randomly created CVs react to joystick movements.
  • 2) Music Programmer: classic 32-step sequencer for CVs and Gates. Several playback modes are available and the output is quantized to semitones.
  • 3) Percussion Programmer: four channels of programmable rhythmical sequences, e.g. for triggering drum voices.
  • 4) Time Traveller: four-channel, two-dimensional clock divider. Divisors 1 to 8 are placed long the X axis, while you can set offset points on the Y-axis. The four outputs aren't necessarily static but can be modulated.
  • 5) Probability Machine: uses a cascaded chance algorithm to generates chaotic gate signals which are alywys in sync with a multiple of the clock.
  • 6) Euclidian Rhythms: algorithmic gate sequencer which can self-develop organic sequence patterns and is able to place the active beats equally over the length of the sequence.


CV/Gate inputs:
button, mode, reset, clock
joystick left, joystick right, joystick up, joystick down

four outputs: 1 & 2 are CV or gate outs, 3 & 4 are gate outs


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 36mm deep
power consumption: from 60mA to 200mA, depending on the number of LEDs lit

0.2 kg
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