Pittsburgh Modular ? Generator


The Pittsburgh Generator is an experimental dual VCO. The exponentiellen VCOs are not temperature compensated nor do they track 1V/oct but they can modulate each other and thus are fantastically suited for complex FM sounds and creating atonal percussion sounds!



Each of the two VCOs (or Generators) features an exponential modulation input without attenuator and a three-position switch for the frequency range. Generator 2 is modulated internally by the "index out" of Generator 1.

The CV input "external" can be assigned either to Generator 1 or 2. The attenuator is a polarizer,

The shape control sets the waveform of the VCOs and blends between them. In left position VCO1 is a square wave and VCO2 a triangle. In far right position this is inverted. Output 1 carries the signal of VCO1 (pre index VCA) and the VCO2 is audible at the second output.

Index sets the modulation intensity of VCO1 to VCO2. This is done by the control or a CV. The index pot isn´t an CV attenuator though but a gain control for the index VCA. The output socket carries the VCO1 signal after the index VCA.

  • Pro VCO ein Modulationseingang für Frequenz.
  • Zuweisbarer CV-Eingang mit bipolaren Abschwächer.
  • Zwei Audioausgänge für VCO1, einer vor dem Index-VCA und einer dahinter. Ein Audioausgang für VCO2
  • CV-Eingang für Gain des Index-VCAs

3HE Eurorack-Modul, 10TE breit. Modultiefe 37mm

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