Pittsburgh Modular - InOut


Input and output module for embedding audio signals from the modular system in your studio and vice versa, including adjustable levels, If you combine both sections you can use the module as an insert for effect units.



Output section (top) offers two 1/8" mono inputs and an attenuated 1/4" mono output thaat can be used as a line out for connecting with effect untis, mixing consoles or PAs.

Input section (bottom) has a 1/4" mono input, a level control and a switch for selecting amplification of the audio signal by the factor 10 or 100. The adjusted signal is available at the 1/8" socket. The switchable amplification can pre-amplify or even distort the audio signal, if desired.

The InOut is useful even without connecting external gear because the 1/4" sockets are normalized. An input signal of the upper section can be send directly thru the bottom section to pre-amplifiy it or to distort it.


oben: 2x Eingang (3,5mm Monobuchsen), 1x Ausgang (6,35mm Monobuchse)

unten: 1x Eingang (6,35mm Monobuchse), 1x Ausgang (3,5mm Monobuchse)


3HE Eurorack-Modul, 6TE breit, 43mm tief.  Stromverbrauch 40mA

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