Pittsburgh Modular - Lifeforms Percussion Sequencer


Four-channel trigger sequencer with up to 32 steps length, variable length per channel, memory and unique pattern effects like morph, glitch and swing. Patterns can be programmed in classic drummachine manner or live recording of all four channels simultaneously with the touchpads!
Each channel is able to process one audio signal via a VCA, modulated by an envelope generator. Sounds are processed directly through the module, making the creation of electronic drum sounds a super-easy task.



Each channel features an audio input, a VCA output and an decay envelope which is triggered by the sequencer. Patch a noise for instance and get a hihat sound at the audio output - just inject any sound and get a drum sound at the output, no matter if it's a sine wave for bassdrums, a multi-oscillator sound from an A-117 for cowbells, whatever. The envelope output itself already sounds like a bass drum! Finally you don't need an array of VCAs and envelope generators just to make your own drum voices!
The channel outputs are summed to the mix socket, using an individual outptu will remove the according channel from the mix.
In first line the Lifeforms Percussion Sequencer is intended to process audio signals. If you'd like to generate a triger to fire your existing drum voice module you can just use the envelope output, though. With the decay time at minimum it provides for a loud trigger impulse.

A tap-tempo clock generator is integrated but you can always synchronize the module to an external clock. The clock socket is bi-birectional and changes its function in ependance on the selected mode.

In Step Record Mode the patterns are programmed by activating corresponding steps, just like a classic drum machine. In Live Performance Mode the touchpads [9/25], [11/17], [13/29] and [15/31] are used for quantized realtime recording of all four channels simultaneously which is great for finger-drummers.
The module has copy, paste and clear functions for easy operation. While playback channels can be muted.

Pattern length of maximum 32 steps can be set globally for the entire pattern. Channels also feature variable pattern lengths, overriding the global setting, perfect for polyrhythmic applications.
Up to 32 patterns can be saved in a non-volatlile memory, in two banks of 16 slots each.

Unique pattern effects modify the rhythmic behaviour. A master effect modifies all channels simultaneously and in addition one more effect can be added per channel. There are six effects to chose from:

  • Shift: delays the trigger output from 1/8th to 7/8ths of a beat.
  • Glitch: creates chaotic gates based on probability. Allows for generating stuttering effects which stay in sync.
  • Density: sets number and timing of trigger for each active step, creating anything from doubling to rolls.
  • Morph: probability based effect, constantly modifying the pattern by adding or removing steps.
  • Swing: adds groove and alters the timing of every other step.
  • Add/Drop: unlike Morph it adds or removes steps from the pattern only temporarily.


per channel: input, output, envelope output

mix output, clock in/output


3U Eurorack module, 24HP wide, 28mm deep
current draw: 150mA at +12V and 45mA at -12V

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