Pittsburgh Modular - M3


Discontinued model, only one last in stock (as of April 17th, 2015). Sales only as long as stock lasts.

Three handy mini-modules in one: a passive multiple and two mixers for combining, buffering and splitting signals.



The upper unit is a classic passive multiplse for splitting signals. Though the jacks are labelled I and O for input and output, all have the same functions.

The center and the bottom unit are two identical mixers. Two inputs and two outputs allow for mixing signals but also active, buffered splitting of signals to two outputs.


Multiple: 4 miteinander verbundene Buchsen

Mischer: je zwei Ein- und zwei Ausgänge


3HE Eurorack-Modul, 4TE breit, 20mm tief. Stromverbrauch 20mA

1 kg
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former retail price: €52.52

This item is discontinued or sold out and no longer available, please feel free to look for comparable new stuff in the following categories.


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