Pittsburgh Modular - MIDI3


Pittsburgh's 3rd generation MIDI/CV interface features monophonic or duophonic modes, assignable CCs, a velocity output and even a Tap Tempo function. The best and really outstanding feature is the arpeggiator which interacts with MIDI clock, can be synched to an external clock or can even log to the tap-tempo clock! Finally someone implemented this!



The MIDI 3 offers three perfrmance modes to the user:

  • In monophonic mode it converts a MIDI note to CV and Gate voltages. CV/gate signals of channel 1 are mirrored to channel 2 outputs. There are 3 note priorities to select from: highest, lowest and last note priority.
  • Duophonic mode can convert two MIDI notes to CVs and gates. First note is available at channel 1 and second note at channel 2. Ideal for two-voice patches.<
    Three keyboard modes as well: unused note plus new key-, lowest key- or split-keyboard priority.
  • Arpeggiator mode which reacts to one of three clock modes (see below) and various mono- and duophonic responses, partially with random gate generation at channel 2.
MIDI3 has three clock modes that can be used for the arpeggiator, too:
  • Internal clock: tap tempo determines clock rate. Clock socket outputs clock.
  • MIDI clock: reacts on start/stop and clock data. Tap tempo button switches thru 5 different divisors. Clock is available at the clock socket.
  • external clock: is being injected in the clock socket. Tap tempo button selects between one of six divisors.

MIDI3 functions on all MIDI channels and you can determine whether it receives data at one channels only or all channels simultaneously. The pitch bend range can be selected in five steps. MIDI CC receive channel can be set separately. CC- and Velocity-CV levels: 0-5V


MIDI Input
CV and gate outputs per channel
CC and Velocity outputs
MIDI clock output / Tap-Tempo outout / ARP-clock input


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 35mm deep
power consumption: 50mA

0.2 kg
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