Pittsburgh Modular - Move [104] case


Mobile Eurorack flightcase with durable black coating, nickel plated steel corners and removable lid. Inner width of 104HP, inner depth 62-70mm, 850mA power



The Move 104 has a removable lid which is deep enough to transport our system in patched state. It is secured by rugged butterfly locks and has a guitar amp style strap handle. The modules are mounted to sliding nuts, screws are supplied (attention: imperial US-style threads with 4-40 size are used. Metric M3 screws, as supplied with most modules, can't be used!)

The powered bus board provides +12v @ 850mA, -12v @ 850mA, and +5v @300mA of power and it offers 16 Eurorack connectors. The case is powered by an external 12VAC 2.0A AC power supply (included) and has a side mounted power switch.

Available depth for modules: 70mm and 62mm above power supply.


input for external 12V AC power supply


outer dimensions: 56x17x17cm (estimated)
inner dimensions: 528.5mm = 104HP, 62-70mm available depth)

5 kg
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