Pittsburgh Modular - Patch Box Enclosure


Out of production.

The idea of using a modular system as an effect is straightforward and not new, but so far there was no possiblity to use it adequately as a floor device. The Patch Box ends it all!
It is more than just a 42HP case with power supply but also an aufio in-/output, pre-aplifier with overdrive, a multiple, two freely configurable foot switches and beyond that there's a true bypass switch and connections for two expression pedals that are transalted into CVs.
The possibilities are vast: overdrive effect, foot control over CV-able parameters, dual foot switching between two effects, or between dry & wet, connecting and processing a guitar ... and so much more!



The Patch Box' power supply provides you with 900mA at +12V, 900mA at -12V and 500mA at +5V and the bus board has six module connectors.

The instrument signal applied to the 1/4" Input socket is pre-amplified and is available at the two buffered 3.5mm sockets. The pre-amp has a high headroom but can overdrive the signal above the gain potentiometer's 12h position i.e. an overdrive effect is already included.

The audio signal processed by the PatchBox is patched to the 3.5mm socket "output", it's level adjused with the potentoimeter and finally the signal is emitted at the 1/4" output socket.

There are two footswitch sections with three minijack sockets each. When activating the footswitch either the left and the middle socket are connected or the right one with the middle one.
This makes it possible to route one source to two alternate destinations, to switch between two sources, to use the footswitch aas an on/off switch or, with complex routing to chain effects. A very flexible feature. LEDs display the switches' states.

At the rear the Patch Box has two 1/4" inputs for expression pedals. Their values are translated into sontrol voltages which are available at the EXP1 and EXP2 3.5mm sockets. this way you can use pedals to control parameters with CV inputs - supercool when you need both at you instrument(s)!

A 3-way multiple is used to split and route audio, pedal CVs or other modulations.
The True Bypass is activated with the right footswitch and selects between effect signal and unprocessed signal. A LED displays the bypass state.


Please use the supplied screws with imperial thread (4-40 size) for moudnting modules as the enclosure's sliding nuts do not have metric M3 threads.


3.5mm sockets at front:
- dual bufered "input" sockets (pre-amped signal from 1/4" input)
- 2 expression pedal CV outputs
- 3-way multiple
- Switch 1: 3 sockets
- Switch 2: 3 sockets
- "output" socket (passes audio to 1/4" output socket)

rear: - power socket (2.1mm barrel plug; 15V DC)
- audio input and output (1/4" unbalanced)
- 2 expression pedal inputs (1/4")


external dimensions: 244 x 229 x 51mm (W x L x D)
depth available for modules: 42mm
width available for modules: 42HP

2.5 kg
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