Pittsburgh Modular - Phase Shifter


Analog phaser with 16 stages for a very dense and rich sound. The module has an integrated LFO with outputs, four individual stage tap outputs and two mix outputs. There are CV inputs either for all stages or separate ones for stages 1-8 and 9-16.



The more stages a phaser has the deeper and richer it's sound will be. Pittsburgh's Phase Shifter module offers 16 stages that can be used in different combinations, besides the 16-stage output there also is another mix output which is tapped after eight stages; both have dry/wet controls. In addition there are direct taps (100% wet) after stages 7, 8, 15 and 16. If might be very interesting to hear those outputs with different panorama settings.
All 16 stages can be modulated simultaneously, if desired you can invert the CV behaviour for stages 9-16 for modulations in opposite direction. Furthermore it is possible to activate an dedicated modulation path for stages 9-16 with a switch. Each block has an uni-polar CV input with CV inversion switch and a bi-polar CV input.
Of course the Phase Shifter has a resonance parameter but even without resonancer it still sounds very wet and rich and the modulations are very deep. A LFO with modulation intensity control (send level), CV inputs for triangle and square and two frequency ranges is integrated as well. The LFO´s signal can be mixed to the CVs.
The input level and overdrive can be adjusted with the "input drive" potentiometer.


LFO: triangle and square outs
main CV inputs: uni-polar and bi-polar CV in
CV inputs for stages 9-16: uni-polar and bi-polar CV in
audio input
individual outs for stages 7, 8, 15 and 16
mix outputs for stages 8 and 16


3U Eurorack module, 26HP wide, 35mm deep
Power consumption: 175mA at +12V and 155mA at -12V

0.3 kg
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