Pittsburgh Modular - Sequencer


Not in production anymore and we have only few units left. Sales only as long as stock last.

Compact eight-step analog sequencer with nice featurs like rest and transposition.



The sequence can be maximum eight steps long, a switch gives you the possibility to reduce the number of steps to 4 or 6. the sequencer advances to the next step when it receives a gate, square wave or a trigger at the CLK input.

A number of inputs modifies the sequencer´s behavior and allows for creative sequencing. Reset: a positive voltage at the RST-socket will reset the sequencer. Hold: a positive voltage at the HLD socket will hold the sequencer, creating a rest. The ADD socket is used for transposing the sequence by a CV.

The voltage range is 0-10V and the sequencer has two parallel buffered outputs.


Inputs for Clock (CLK), reset (RST), pause (HLD) and transposing (ADD). Two sequencer outputs


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, 25mm deep
Current draw 30mA

0.175 kg
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