Pittsburgh Modular - Synth Block


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The Synthesizer Block is a semi-modular analog synthesizer voice in an Eurorack module. Due to it´s semi-modular layout it is extremely well suitable as a starter system for all modular newbies; everything is pre-patched but you can override the normalizations by using patch cords. All main components have outputs and many parameters have control voltage inputs. Use the Synthesizer Block as a solid base you can expand bit by bit and use the separate components individually.



The Synthesizer Block contains following components: Full Range Sawtooth Core Oscillator, Oscillator Waveform Mixer, Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter, Wide Range Low Frequency Oscillator, Glide Control for Portamento Effects, ADSR Envelope Generator, High Quality Voltage Controlled Amplifier with linear response.

VCO: Coarse and Fine Tune Rate Controls. Frequency Modulation (FM) CV Input Attenuator (Internally patched to LFO Triangle Wave), Pulse Width Modulation CV Input Attenuator (Internally patched to LFO Triangle Wave).

VCF: State Variable Filter Core with Voltage Controlled Cutoff Frequency. Cutoff Frequency CV Attenuverter (Internally patched to ADSR Output), Cutoff Frequency and Resonance Controls

LFO: Has Rate Knob and Range Switch Controls. "Wide" Range is Perfect for Long Sweeps or Audible Rate Frequency Modulation.

ADSR: 4 Stage Envelope Shaper with knobs for Attack, Decay and Release times. Sustain On/Off Switch

Glide: Hardwired between the 1 Volt Per Octave Input (1V/O IN) and the Oscillator. Glide Amount Knob

Mixer: Waveform Mixer for Oscillator Outputs with level controls for Triangle, saw and pulse wave.

VCA: High Quality, Linear Voltage Controlled Amplifier. CV Input Attenuator Knob

  • VCO: 1V/octave input, reset/sync input, FM CV input*, PWM CV input*; wave form outputs for triangle, saw and pulse
  • VCF: cutoff frequency CV input*, Audio input, audio output
  • LFO: individual outs for triangle and square
  • ADSR: gate input, ADSR output
  • Mixer: output
  • VCA: CV input*, signal input*, signal output

*= internally normalizied


3U Eurorack module, 28HP wide, 35mm deep.

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