Pittsburgh Modular - Synth Block


Not in production anymore.

Keeping the concept of a semi-modular, subtractive synthesizer voice with each one oscillator, filter, envelope, LFO and VCA the Synthesizer Box as successor of the Synthesizer Block module now features a new oscillator and a lopass gate instead of a low pass filter,


The Synthesizer Box module contains following components: Full Range complex analog oscillator, oscillator waveform mixer, voltage controlled Lopass Gate, wide range LFO, Glide Control for Portamento effects, ADSR envelope generator, high quality VCA with linear response.

VCO: Coarse and fine tune controls. Frequency Modulation (FM) CV Input with attenuator (internally patched to LFO triangle wave), switchable between linear and exponential FM. Mod-CV input with attenuator (internally patched to LFO triangle); Blade-CV input for modulating blade wave.

LPG: voltage controlled Lopass Gate with three modes (LPG, VCA, both), Mod-CV controls cutoff frequency or amplitude (internally patched to ADSR output), Cutoff Frequency and Resonance controls, resonance available only in LPG mode

LFO: Has rate knob and range switch controls. "Wide" range is perfect for long sweeps or audible rate frequency modulation.

ADSR: 4 stage envelope shaper with knobs for Attack, Decay and Release times. Sustain On/Off switch

Glide: Hardwired between the 1 V/Oct input and the oscillator. Glide amount knob

Mixer: Waveform mixer for oscillator outputs with level controls for triangle, saw and pulse wave.

VCA: High quality, linear Voltage Controlled Amplifier. CV input attenuator knob

  • VCO: 1V/octave input, FM CV Input*, Blade CV Input, MOD-CV input*, individual outputs for Triangle, Saw/Blade and Square waves.
  • LPG: MOD-CV Input*, Audio Input, Audio Output
  • LFO: Triangle Wave Output, Square Wave Output
  • ADSR: Gate Input, Envelope Output
  • Mixer: Output
  • VCA: CV Input*, Signal Input*, Signal Output

*=normalled internally


3U Eurorack module, 28HP wide, 36.5mm deep.

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