Pittsburgh Modular - Toolbox


Useful multi-purpose module with four different functions: slew limiter, noise generator, sample and hold generator and voltage inverter.



SLEW is a slew limiter (alias portamento alias lag prozessor): the SLEW control determines the slwe time

N-SH: this unit contains an analog noise generator and a sample and hold circuit. The noise can be output an the N socket but is also normalized to the voltage input I of the sample and hold. The H socket is the trigger input and O is the sample and hold´s voltage output.

INVERT: flips the polrity of a voltage. A positive voltage becomes negative and vice versa.


Slew Limiter: input and output
Sample & Hold: S&H input, S&H output, trigger input for S&H
noise: output
inverter: input and output


3HE Eurorack module, 6U wide, 25mm deep
Current draw 30mA

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