Pittsburgh Modular ? VILFO


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The Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Influenced LFO is unique in the modular world. It is a strange, triangle based LFO that lives behind a 8HP euro panel.



The module offers two outputs, a triangle wave, and a variable waveform that shifts from a triangle to something that is almost not completely a square wave. The VILFO also includes a Voltage Influence CV input and a fine tune knob. The influence works differently than standard control voltage inputs, it allows the incoming CV to mingle with the LFO waveforms in bizarre ways creating unique modulations and patterns.
Large frequency knob. Attenuators for Influence CV (ICV) und Variable CV (VCV).

Frequency Range: Several minutes to audible mid bass range


Ausgänge: Dreieckwelle, Variable Welle

Eingänge: Influence Control-CV (ICV),Variable Control-CV (VCV)


3HE Eurorack-Modul,  Modulbreite 8 TE,  Modultiefe 20mm bei der neuen Version (alte Version vor September 2011 hatte 52m Tiefe)

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