Pittsburgh Modular - Waveforms


The really nice Waveforms module, Pittsburgh's 2nd generation analog VCO impresses by extended features like a sub-oscillator, linear FM, temperature compensated tracking over 5 octaves and essentially the BLADE wave form you can modulate in three different ways and which guarantees really unusual sounds.



Sawtooth based analog oscillator with temperature conpensation for a stable tracking over five octaves, a frequency range down to LFO rates, hard sync via the reset socket. The FM input can be switched between exponential and linear behaviour.

All wave forms are available simultaneously at individual outputs; sine, triangle, sawtooth and pulse with manual and voltage controlled pulse width (5%-95%). The sub oscillator is a CMOS based square, one octave below master frequency. The sub-VCO reacts to the PWM settings, with it's signal muted at minimum and maximum PWM values, nice for creating gating effects.

Another wave form is the unique BLADE which gives you three different modulation options! If you combine them you will get very unusual sounds which still track 1V/octave. The wave is one octave above VCO master frequency.

  • Changing the pulse width of the oscillator will result in a PWM-/ chorus like sound
  • Modulations at the Blade CV In will create a pulsating, very wide and cutting sound, resembling sawtooth animation.
  • The most extreme modulation is achieved via the BLADE IN socket as the signal applied there will directly affect the shape of the blade wave form.


Inputs: 1V/oct, FM input, Reset input, Blade In, Blade CV In, PWM In
Outputs: Sine ,Triangle, Blade, Saw, Pulse, Sub-oscillator


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 36.5mm deep
Power consumption 25mA

0.178 kg
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