Plankton Electronics - The Bumblebee



Small analog synthesizer for drones, noise and experimental sounds. Three voltage controllable and patchable LFOs and VCOs make this thing really flexible. A high pass filter and a unclean resonant low pass filter will shape the sound. Many 3.5mm sockets allow for patching and integrating with a modular system.



Looking from left to right first we see three square wave LFOs, each with a potentiometer and a scaleable CV input for controlling the LFO's frequency.
As sound generators three identical square wave oscillators are used. Each has a potentiometer for setting the frequency as well as two Cv inputs with attenautors. Although there is an oscillator mixer and therefore each VCO has a volume control you can also find direct oscillator outputs which allow you for instance to cross-modulate the VCOs or to use them in your modualr system.
The gate inputs are used for muting the oscillators e.g. by the LFOs or any other clock/gate signal.
The oscillator mix first passes through a highpass filter with controlable cutoff and then a resonant low pass filter with potentiometers for cutoff and resonance. The main output carries the filtered signal.

We recommend to purchase some TipTopAudio Stackcables which allow for splitting signals e.g. to patch one LFO to several destinations.


per LFO: CV input, output
per VCO: 2 CV inputs, 1 gate input, output
main: output
input for external 9V DC power supply (2.1mm, center = negative)


plastic housing, 174 x 123 x 54mm

0.7 kg
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