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The Earwig module is a recifying mixer or a mixing dual rectifier, up to you. It offers two channels with gain control, four ways of rectification, inversion and two offset controls; the channels can be used individually for processing CVs and audio signals but the additional mixing function gives you the sum and the difference of both channels.



Both channels are indentical so let's have a look at one channel:
First the signal passes thru a stage with gain and bias adjustment. before it is processed in the next stage....
...the rectifier with four selectable modes:

  • bypass: signal is not processed
  • positive wave, inverted: the rectifier passes only signals above 0V and then inverts the signal.
  • negative wave, inverted; only signals below 0V are passed and then inverted.
  • full wave, inverted: the full wave rectifier takes signals below 0V and mirrors them into positive range. Then the resulting signal is inverted.

After the rectifier stage we find an switch to invert the rectified signal and finally there's another bias stage (BIAS B) to move the recified and/or inverted signal to the zero point.

Both bias stages can be voltage controlled for dynamic waveform modifications. Modulating Bias A will affect the rectified signal's symmetry and has a tremendous effect on the waveform.

The mix potentiometer attenautes the signal and determines it's amount at the mix.
The mixer section either adds (output A+B) or subtracts (output A-B) both channels.


per channel: input, output, CV inputs for Bias A and B
mix outputs: 1+2 and 1-2


3U Eurorack module, 19HP wide, 26mm deep
Power consumption: 35mA @ +12V and 35mA @ -12V

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